Try Holding Off On Getting Intimate On The First Date

Should You Wait To Have Sex?

If you’re used to rushing into sex, it’s okay to switch it up. Try holding off on inviting a new lover over for some naked wrestling, and take it slow. Sex is amazing. We all know this, but it’s okay to wait. It’s okay to say no until the third date, and it’s okay not to have it at all. In a recent study, about 60% of men said that if a girl slept with them too soon in a relationship it would be a deal breaker. The double standard is that women know that most guys are pulling out all the moves on the first date hoping to score. So if you do score, it’s a deal breaker? Man this dating thing is complicated. Women over the age of 40 say that they go with the flow on a date, and that there’s no timeline to giving up the goods. What’s the best approach? Is it okay to wait or should you give it up on the first date?

It’s Okay Not To Rush

In this case, there is no right or wrong answer. When you’re online dating, you have the opportunity to ask these questions before you meet face to face. Mature singles should be comfortable enough to talk about sex before it happens. If you’re getting to know someone, you can gauge their stance on sex pretty quickly. If a guy is asking a woman for a sexy pic during their first conversation, it’s pretty safe to say that he’s got sex on the brain. If she’s not into it, it’s easy to end the conversation and move on. It’s okay to not want to give into temptation right away. Even if you’re a sexual person and want to find a connection that leads to sex, it’s perfectly normal to wait. cougar-dating-advice

Take Things Slow And Enjoy The Moment

The buildup of waiting is exciting! There’s something so enticing about waiting awhile before taking the plunge. It gives you a chance to really get to know a person, to be wooed, and to enjoy the anticipation. It seems these days that everyone is rushing through life and not really stopping to enjoy the moments. It would be a nice change to stop and really appreciate the process. You might actually learn something about yourself, and about the people you’re dating. If you’re dating again after a failed marriage or failed relationship, and you’re looking for something new, maybe it’s time to change the way you do things. Maybe sex doesn’t have to be the forefront of your relationships. This time, maybe sex comes after. It’s easy to want that instant gratification, but sometimes it’s gratifying to wait. There is room for the person who wants to wait, and for the person who wants to get into bed with the new love interest they met online. Both scenarios are perfectly okay. Everyone has to decide what they are comfortable with. The point is that in a world where everyone is tired of waiting, sometimes it’s okay to go against the popular opinion and take things slow. Maybe this is the year to try something different. tips-for-dating-cougars

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