– Is It The Real Deal Or A Real Scam? – Is It The Real Deal Or A Real Scam?

What You Can Expect On

If cougar dating is on your agenda, stay far away from is a scam and won’t help you get laid. There are only fake profiles here. I was looking for hot cougars and milfs and instead wound up alone and frustrated. I spent a lot of time looking for dates on CougarDates and every little glimmer of hope fell through. There were tons of profiles to choose from that looked like great prospects, but unfortunately in this case, looks can and are deceiving. I tried the site for 3 months because that seems like a good length of time to give a site a chance. I was disappointed after the first day, so a whole 3 months was a long time. It dragged out, there were moments of hope, but at the end of my membership I had no dates and charges that I had to dispute on my credit card. Note to all readers: stay away from! cougardates-scam

Results On After 3 months

The cost of joining $7.95 for a 3 day trial $29.95 for a one month membership $39.95 for a 3 month membership For the 3 day trial, you will get access to basic functions like the member search, filling in your profile and receiving messages. You cannot upload a profile picture or respond to messages. The reason that I note this is because when I signed up, I hadn’t uploaded a picture yet (because I did the 3 day trial before signing up for 3 months), and I had “members” messaging me telling me how good looking I was and how they couldn’t wait to meet up. If that doesn’t scream ‘scam’, I don’t know what does. I always expect a little fluff to lure free trial members into signing up for a longer membership, but that was a dead giveaway. I sent 150 messages in 3 months and received 100 messages back. There were 5 messages that seemed legitimate, but when I responded to the initial responses, that was the end of that. I set up zero dates and had zero sexual affairs. Even for a bad dating site these numbers are horrendous. You should always expect a little bit of flirting and action. Even a few naughty pics and enticing conversation, but sadly there was none of that. My results were disappointing and it seems like that’s the popular thought on the web by former members as well. Features

The features are pretty straight forward. With a basic membership, you can set up your profile and receive messages, look around and check out pictures. With an upgraded membership you can both send and receive messages, do an advanced search and access your quickie list for your best possible matches. I tried the quickie list, sent messages to my best matches, and still got no dates. Major fail on that one It would be a great feature if it actually worked, but it didn’t and that’s the end of that.

Why You Shouldn’t Join

You should join this site if you want to waste time searching for matches that don’t exist. I’m assuming that you don’t want to do that, so save yourself the frustration and join a site that will get you laid instead. There are plenty of older women looking for younger men on cougar dating sites, this site just doesn’t happen to be one of them. With a claim of so many members, I was hoping that I would at least find the real members in the sea of fake ones. Unfortunately I had no luck and I’m going to have to give this site a 1 star rating, and the only reason it even gets that is because the profile pictures were hot and that’s the only thing that kept giving me hope. Fake pics won’t get you laid though, and it’s definitely not worth paying for sex pics when you can get them for free by doing a quick Google search. If you’re looking for older women to have fun with tonight, find them here instead.