You Wont Meet Any Friends On

You Wont Meet Any Friends On

What You Can Expect On claims it’s free to join and easy to meet local members. Unfortunately, you will have to pay for your profile, and won’t find a date. I’m okay with the fact that a site claims it’s free if it extends a free trial period of a day or a week, but cougarfriendsdate has no free trial period and instead, charges for its services. I had seen mixed reviews on this site but wanted to give it a fair try, so I signed up for the 3 month membership to test my luck in finding any local cougars to date. I was ready for a great hookup and eager to find nearby ladies. Every day, I spent hours searching for members, but always fell flat. There were no promising prospects at all and I was glad when my 3 months was up. After the first month I had already lost hope, so the last two months just dragged out. It was pretty clear that I wasn’t going to find what I was looking for. cougarfriendsdate-scam

Results On After 3 months

The cost of joining $24.99 for a 1 month membership $50 for a 3 month membership $90 for a 6 month membership With my 3 month membership ready to go, I started doing advanced searches and sending messages to any girl that I thought I’d have a shot with. In total I sent 150 messages over 3 months and received 80 in return. I’d say 50 of those were spam responses. You can usually tell if a response is spam or fake if it’s the same as the 49 others that you have in your inbox. That was my case exactly. I deleted those messages right away and didn’t even waste my time writing back. The 30 messages that seemed legit from women were either from women that lived halfway across the world (even though my search said otherwise), or who stopped the conversation when it came time to meet up. I never made it past my computer screen with these cougars. Features

With your membership, you can send winks, add members to your favorites list, do advanced searches and video chat with your matches. My video chat never seemed to work and I had e-mailed the support line a few times to try and have it fixed. No one ever got back to me and I know it wasn’t on my side because other video apps worked on my computer. I tried troubleshooting and everything, but had no luck. I was without a date, couldn’t video chat, and got absolutely zero service from the site admin. has scam written all over it. They managed to make $50 off a sucker like me and I didn’t even get laid once.

Why You Shouldn’t Join

You shouldn’t join cougarfriendsdate because the point of an online cougar dating site is to meet local members and get some action. You’re not going to get that here. In general, cougars love to find guys for sex. Some of them are lonely or married and looking for some side action. It should be easy to meet women for sex but some sites are just out to take your money. Skip sites like this if you really want to get laid. There are plenty of other cougar dating sites that will leave you satisfied. Cougar friends date makes false claims. It’s not a free site to join and for the money that you do pay, you get nothing out of it. Even if I had gotten one date I would say you’ll have some luck, but the women disappeared when it came time to talk about getting together. This is not a dating site, this is a fantasy site that doesn’t come through. You’ll get more action accidentally copping a feel in a too full elevator then you will on this site. Save yourself the trouble and find a more reputable site that will take care of your needs. You are using online dating sites to find sex, but this site will leave you sexless and annoyed.

Save your time and money for a cougar dating site that works.