You Won’t Find Any Real Cougars On Today

You Won’t Find Any Real Cougars On Today

What You Can Expect On

If you are hoping to find real cougars looking for sex, isn’t the site for you. This site is full of empty promises and fake user profiles. The homepage gives you hope that amazing women in your city are online and looking for sex, but once you get inside it’s a whole other story. I tried this site because I’ve heard in the past that it’s a great site to go to for sex. Either I was had or the site has just gone downhill in the last 5 years. I’m thinking with the saturation of new and improved cougar dating sites, the latter is the most likely. The site admin obviously doesn’t have enough interest to compete and has created fake user profiles to try and lure any remaining suckers into joining. I admit, I was one of them. I signed up for 3 months and took away a very disappointing experience and an empty pocket. The site was too pricey to begin with and gave nothing in return. This site is a scam and was a waste of time to join. Read on for my 3 month experience, a description of what is happening inside, and why you shouldn’t join cougarlife-scam

Results On After 3 months

The cost of joining $40 per month $40 per month?! Was my reaction exactly. I have joined amazing cougar dating sites for half the price of this one, and gotten way more out of them. The site claims that they will lower your membership costs the longer you’re a member, but in my 3 months I didn’t notice any discount. This might apply to members that last a year or longer, although I can’t imagine anyone staying that long. After the first day of my being a member I had 2 matches. TWO. On a site that brags about millions of members, I couldn’t understand where they all were. I did a bunch of advanced searches, sent 100 messages to the small list of cougars I could find and got a bunch of what I call ‘spam’ replies. The generic message read something like ’Hey Sexy, want to try my webcam?’, and had zero to do with the messages that I had sent first. Considering I got that exact same message over and over again, I will confidently state in my review that is a scam site. I went on zero dates during my 3 month membership, so nothing to chat about there. No sex, no fun. Features

For the price of admission you would assume that there are hot naked chicks, at the very least, giving blow jobs left, right and centre. Instead, you’ll get to send and receive messages, send winks, build a favorites list and gain access to a sister site full of porn. Since you can find good porn for free elsewhere, that’s not really a perk. These features would be beneficial IF there were actual human beings with which to participate with, but there is no action happening here.

Why You Shouldn’t Join

The price alone would be enough for me to tell you that you could spend that money on a better site and actually get laid. Don’t waste your money and use your time to find real cougars on a better cougar dating site. Even a bad site should at the very least hook you up one woman in a 3 month span. That is not too much to ask. This site guarantees success but the only success I got from it was successfully learning my lesson to do way more research before committing to a 3 month membership. The web is saturated with cougar dating sites that have real hot women online that want to go on real dates. CougarLife is NOT one of them. There is nothing about this site that I would recommend to anyone, not even the one guy in my circle of friends that I love punking. If you want to find women, go on hot dates, have discreet hookups, and get laid fast, stay far away from this site. Try one of these sites You’ll save time, money and your dignity.