– This Site Is As Fake As It Gets! – This Site Is As Fake As It Gets!

What You Can Expect On

Full of ads and fake profiles, is missing every key element to online cougar dating. This ghost town of a site will never get you laid. I could already tell the minute that I clicked onto the homepage that this site was going to be interesting. The women that you see on the home page look like the site admin’s long forgotten relatives, and not at all attractive or luring. I pushed through my hesitation, decided to sign up anyway, and hope for the best. The price wasn’t too bad, so I thought even if I lasted a month, I’d get my money’s worth. I was wrong. Because I always give myself 3 months to accurately judge a cougar dating site, I stayed the entire length of my pre-paid membership, but I often forgot to log in due to the lack of excitement. Even when I went days without logging into my account, there would be no new messages waiting for me. I’d have a few new matches, but none of them were legit. is a scam! Stay far far away if you want to keep your sanity. dateacougar-scam

Results On After 3 months

The cost of joining $13.33 per month You can sign up for a free membership, but all you can do with it is browse the site. You can’t message, look at pictures or set up your profile unless you enter your credit card details and upgrade. I reluctantly signed up for a 3 month membership. In my 3 months, I sent messages to anyone that seemed real, even if they weren’t in my city. I had to gauge if anything on was true, so I did the best I could with what I had to work with. The profiles were extremely misleading. There would be profiles of 40 something year old cougars with fake pictures of young model looking girls. Nothing added up. Let me also mention that when you sign up you have to agree with the terms of use, which includes agreeing to the site sending you spam. If that’s not a dead giveaway, I don’t know what is. When you click on profiles, you are spammed with ads for sister sites. Messages are constantly popping up from ‘web cam’ models and re-directing you somewhere else. This site knows it’s so bad that it doesn’t even want you to be here. I sent maybe 20 messages to profiles I thought were legit and none of them responded. I received fake messages from ‘members’ that included links to a different site. It was the worst! Features’s features include being able to message your ‘matches’ and clicking on photos. Any other link that you click (including most photos) will take you to another site. Save yourself the time and effort. If the site wants you to go to another site so badly, you should take that as a precaution and just go to another site. The money you spend on a monthly membership is just keeping this site alive. I can’t imagine it will be around for much longer.

Why You Shouldn’t Join

If a site is constantly distracting you from the fact that there are no real members, the profiles are fake and the pictures are fake, you should take that as a huge sign to give up. There are no real members to meet here unless you find the ONE, like me, who’s being misdirected at every click. If you want a cougar dating experience that you can remember, won’t be the site. Sorry to break the news to you. I wanted sex, not the promise of sex from ads featuring hot models that aren’t interested in a guy like me. This site will lead you everywhere, but where you want to be; with a hot woman on a date that leads to getting you laid. You don’t need to join dateacougar when there are thousands of other local cougar dating sites that will get you some action. This site is a scam! There is nothing real about it and you won’t find what you’re looking for.