Partners That Can Challenge You Make For Better Lovers

Debating Your Way To Better Sex

A little challenge from the person you’re dating can be a huge turn on. Mental stimulation on top of physical stimulation helps round out any relationship. Debating can often cause conflict, but if done constructively, it can also bring a lot of respect and fuel chemistry in relationships. Younger guys love being challenged by their older women, so cougars, don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Being able to debate topics such as the current political climate can keep both minds open, and stimulate mutual respect between partners in relationships. One of the current trends in online dating is to meet and date people who can keep you stimulated mentally, and be open to sharing and debating new ideas, current trends, and of course, politics. What we’re seeing, is that people who are able to debate the hot topics of today, rather than argue, are experiencing better mental stimulation in their relationships, which is also leading to better sexual fulfillment. See cougars, you can be the dominant one, and get some better sex! That’s a win/win for both of you.


Having A Difference Of Opinion Is Okay

Millennials and the enlightened older cougar dating crowd are all experiencing this stimulation in relationships right now, and when seeking dates online, they are very specific about wanting this particular characteristic in a potential partner. Our society is evolving into one that is more capable of talking openly and being open to differing points of view, and the internet dating scene is no exception to this. The trend is undeniable, and it is definitely on the rise. Hit it and quit it just isn’t cutting it these days – unless you can stimulate more than just the physical.

Online Daters Love Mental Stimulation

We will very likely see a dramatic increase in the way that online dating is approached in the coming years, due to this increase in this trend. It’s a game changer, and it’s something that everyone from dating sites, to those who are online dating themselves are taking a closer look at. Some of the most popular dating sites today have revised how they operate to accommodate this trend, and you can see it in everything from the information immediately displayed on dating profiles, to the types of questions that subscribers are being asked to answer. People want to be mentally engaged and stimulated. They realize the effect that this can have on their sex lives as well, and it’s definitely something that more and more men and women who are dating online pay attention to. cougar-dating-personals In the coming months and years, this is a trend that we are sure to see an increase in amongst those involved in the online dating scene, and why not? It’s about time our society decided to take more of a turn toward the less superficial, and start delving more into the intellectual side of dating. Of course the other side still exists. There are always people online looking for their next nsa relationship, and sites who promote this kind of dating are always likely to thrive, but those on the hunt for intellectual stimulation as well as physical satisfaction are very much on the rise in the dating game today. It’s an exciting time to be dating online, for sure! The climate is changing – not just on the planet – but in the dating world, as well. This is a topic that is sure to be explored in far more depth and detail in the future.

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