More Is Better When It Comes To Open Relationships

Is Polyamory For You?

Dating multiple partners can be fulfilling in many different aspects of your life. You don’t have to settle down, and no two days will be the same again. First of all, it’s okay to want to date multiple people. Monogamy isn’t for everyone and there are a lot of people out there that don’t want to be committed to just one person. If that sounds like you, you can find the perfect matches seeking the same thing online, or in person if you’re lucky. Not sure how well the pick up line ‘would you like to enter a polyamorous relationship’ would go, but hey, it never hurts to try. You might wind up with a new babe in your life. If you’re already established and don’t want everything that comes with a committed relationship, this could be PERFECT for you. Think about it. Your last relationship bit the dust, your kids are grown and you love your alone time. Doesn’t an easy breezy relationship sound good to you? In a survey done of 500 women between the ages of 50 and 65, this is the ideal situation. Once you’ve split a bank account and then had to go solo again, the idea of another split doesn’t sound appealing at all. Women are more independent in their later years, and many are reluctant to go down the partnership path twice. The idea of getting lucky without the strings attached is a mature women’s idea of dating Heaven.


Finding Comfort In An Open Relationship

As long as you’re comfortable with the idea of multiple partners, this could really work for you. Keep in mind though that just because you’re older doesn’t mean that the same sex rules don’t apply. A multiple partner affair can be dangerous IF there are no rules.

Rule #1 – Protection

You might not be used to this if you were married or on birth control, but it’s absolutely necessary at any age to protect yourself.

Rule #2 – There’s No Room For Jealousy

Maybe you’re used to being the one and only apple of someone’s eye. Guess what – if you’re dating multiple people or are dating someone who’s dating more women than just you, you’re going to have to get used to the idea that you’re not the only one. If you check your feelings from the beginning of the relationship, you’ll be fine.

Rule #3 – Get What You Want

This is about you, the new you. This is about the new you trying something different and getting what you want. Make sure that your new dating style is fulfilling to you and makes you feel amazing every single day. If it doesn’t, re-evaluate. cougar-dating-site Polyamory can be wonderful for people who have either never wanted to settle down with just one person, or who have had a change in their life and want to change their relationship structure. What’s your reason for wanting multiple partners? As soon you figure it out, go out and get it! There are tons of happy people waiting to meet you to start an open relationship.

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