Is It A Deal Breaker If Your Boo Doesn’t Dig Your Pet?

Why It’s Important That Your Partner Loves Your Pet

Your pet is as important as another member of the family. If your partner who doesn’t want your furry friend around, your relationship might not last. If you’ve just entered into a new relationship and you’re bringing your dog or cat along for the ride, first thing’s first; does this new person like pets? Although this would seem like a no-brainer, often people will assume that everyone likes pets, or if you’re entering into a relationship and you don’t, you might act like you do because you care about the person, and don’t want to jeopardize anything. It’s a serious issue that you’ll need to address. If it’s important to you to keep your little family member around, make sure that your partner is along for the furry ride. Being in a pet friendly relationship is important if you are pet friendly. Of course there are factors like allergies, but this is definitely something you should be aware of before entering a commitment. You can be straight up about this kind of thing when you create your cougar dating profile. Attract the kind of cougar lovers that love your furry little bff.


Your Fur Baby Is Your Family

It might seem crazy that this is a real issue, but there have been way too many WANTED ads lately that are posted more for a pet’s need for a new home, rather than a human date. Save yourself from those hard decisions later by doing something to prevent them now. If you’ve been online dating, then you know that the pet question always comes up in the ‘about me’ section. If this is an important issue, let it be known that you come as a package deal. If you’re only dating to find a hot cougar for a casual fling and not a long term relationship, this issue really doesn’t apply to you, but if you’re looking for something a little more serious, this is extremely important.


Find A Mate Who Loves Your Pets

We all love of fur babies and want to make sure they’re accepted by anyone who comes into our life, especially a future SO. Now that relationships are blossoming later in life, the possibility of bringing pets into a relationship is a real issue (kids are too, but that’s a whole other conversation). Talk about it with the next hot cub you start to casually date to see if you really are a good match. Mature cougar dating sites will always have a section on your profile where you can talk about what you’re bringing into the relationship. Pets are like family and are well worth the effort to make sure that they stick around as long as possible. If you’re dating someone who’s on the fence about their love for little FiFi, it’s time to move onto a better, more accepting, less allergic, lover. You’ll thank yourself in the long run, and so will your little fur baby.

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