Leave Social Media Out Of Your Relationship Affairs

Why It’s Better To Leave Social Media Out Of It

If you’re constantly updating your ups and downs on social media, you might be revealing too much. Sometimes your private matters are better left private. Leaving social media out of your relationship is the best move you can make. Yes, it can be hard, but everyone on your friends list doesn’t need to know every last detail about your dating life. Besides, how many times have you sworn off your current significant other only to rekindle your love a few days later and wish that you didn’t go on that long rant and then post it to your news feed. You can only delete your status’ so many times before people figure out what you’re up to. There are times when your private matters are better left private and that is always the case with social media. Your aunt Glenda doesn’t need to know that your boyfriend is a jerk, because when you decide to invite that jerk to her 70th birthday party, it might be a bit awkward. You might be ready to call it quits today, but tomorrow is a whole other story. cougar-dating-messages

Skip The Subliminal Social Media Messages

We also tend to have a bad habit of letting memes do the talking for us. Don’t think for one second that your friends can’t decode that ‘if you did this, you’d be a better person’ meme. If it’s becoming a habit for you to stack these posts when you’re in an argument, you’re kidding yourself if you think the trend isn’t obvious. If you feel the need to vent, call a friend or better yet, write it down. Tomorrow, you’ll feel a whole lot better, and the world won’t know every last detail of your life. If you’re a cougar reading this, sometimes you can get trapped into the social media games of your younger lover. Have the talk before anything gets serious to avoid the antics. Your younger cub probably just needs a reminder that you’re too old for that.

Not Everyone Wants To Know Your Business

Social media has sucked us into the world of celebrity drama and we get used to knowing every detail about the lives around us. It makes spreading our dirt, or thinking everyone cares about what’s going on in our lives seem natural. Updates are great if you’re selective about what you’re sharing. An inspirational quote every now and then never hurt anyone, but no one cares what you’re eating every day or how many times you went to the gym. It’s amazing what we can fool ourselves into believing. We see it, so we want to do it. There’s a little voice in the back of your head though that tells you that maybe you should keep a little bit to yourself. Leave some of your life a mystery. Leave a little to the imagination. All of that applies to how we should approach the concept of sharing every single little detail with whoever will see our posts. Social media is meant to be a social environment, and there’s nothing wrong with participating in it, but remember to enjoy the moment. Time flies by so quickly that if you’re too busy posting, you’ll miss all the good parts. Your relationships are yours to experience and to enjoy. Share the good with your friends and family, and the bad if it greatly affects you, but leave the drama out of it. You might find that people are more responsive to your posts! Dating someone a lot younger and older than you will set you apart when it comes to what’s acceptable social media behavior. There are ways to work it out, you just need to set limits. cougars-online

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