Share Your Password To Build Trust In Your Relationship

To Share Or Not To Share – That Is The Question

Start building more trust in your relationships by sharing something like the password to your phone. Show your partner that you are open and honest. One of the most debated topics in our modern society – should we share our passwords with our significant others? Is this something that should be expected in our relationships? Is it something that is an invasion of one’s personal space and boundaries? This can be a very difficult question to answer at times, and although the answer seems like it shouldn’t be an easy one, this isn’t always the case. It’s a unique age that we’re living in today – the communication age. We are constantly connected, and the average person checks their cell phone approximately 100 times per day. It sounds a little crazy when you say it out loud, but nonetheless, there it is. Should we be sharing access to our beloved handheld devices with our partner? Should they have access to see all of the communication that we are having with others on a daily basis? Some would argue that they shouldn’t need to share that information with their partner, but that being the case…there should be a very big, red flag waving directly in front of your face. If you’re in a new cougar/ cub relationship, this can be a huge issue that needs to be addressed. Younger generations are more likely to be defensive when it comes to privacy. It will be a challenge, but it’s not impossible to overcome.

Passwords And Trustworthy Relationships

For starters, it could be that there is something different that you are both seeking from your current partnership. Are you looking for something more inclusive and long term than perhaps your younger or older partner is? If you’re in a committed, long term relationship, and you’re both trusting of one another, the sharing of your handheld and social media passwords really shouldn’t be something that causes you grief? After all, we’re not talking about your diary, and if you’re not committing any shady acts of communication, then what could possibly trouble you about sharing this information. Unfortunately, in the midst of all that the information technology age has provided us, there are many evil distractions that come in the wake of this revolution in communication. Old flames sending private messages on Facebook, that certain celebrity that your spouse can’t seem to stop following on Twitter, the scantily clad images of men and women on Instagram…all waiting to pull us in the wrong direction. dating-cougars-online

Is Your Partner Being Honest?

If your partner is defensive about their online communication, especially the communication that they’re having on their phone, that is a very good indicator that there is a reason for you to suspect that they aren’t entirely on the up and up with you, and you may wish to consider re-evaluating your current relationships situation. Make sure you’re upfront about your dating expectations when you do sign up for a cougar dating site. The age gap might be obvious, but your stand on dating expectations won’t be. Being someone who needs to obsessively check up on your partner’s communication may also be a reflection of you, for the record, but if they are adamantly refusing to share their passwords and purposely keep you in the dark on their communication outside of your relationship, that isn’t a good sign. In this particular day and age, it is probably a good idea to consider discussing how you both view this, prior to entering into a partnership. Finding out that this is an issue after you move in together, probably won’t be the most comforting housewarming gift you receive. cougar-dating-sites

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